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Programming Top Forums To Kick Trouble Out Of Your Code

I am a computer science student, and like all others in my class I am an expert in getting into trouble while coding. 😀

Like me i'm sure you want to have also faced problems while coding, whatever language you're performing on . Getting into trouble while creating programs is common among coders, even giants like Facebook often need to face some bugs in their code.
So what do you do when you face problems while programming?

Ask a friend or a professional, right?
At first we’ll ask our friends and see if anyone of them can troubleshoot the matter . It is a wise decision if your friends are also programmers.
If your friends are normal boring people, not programmers then you've got no other choice to search it on the web and choose expert opinion.
That’s what we are going to talk about today, the places where you can find the answers to your questions.
The community of experienced and professional coders is out there to help you with your problems.
The first one in my list is…

Stack Overflow 

It is probably the best and the biggest programming forum on the web as far as I know. You need to register before asking any question on the forum.
The best part about this forum is that it learns from its users, you ask an issue . People answer it and out of all those expert opinions you get on your question Stack Overflow will sort the foremost voted, most liked answer on the highest .
Code Project

It has a huge user base and everyone is there to help you out. All the queries are sorted in different categories according to the language.
It also has additional sections like System Administration, Databases, Web Development etc.


It is the third one in my list and one of the top three. You can ask your questions in different categories like Game development, mobile development, internet marketing and so on.
Coding Forums

It is one of the top five and is especially for web design related queries.
Your questions related to web design and development are sorted based on client side and server side of the system.

Dev Shed Forums 

With over 1,000,000 members and therefore the number of threads equaling to a minimum of fourfold of that this forum may be a excellent spot to unravel all of your queries. You can ask questions associated with web design, system administration, web hosting and hardware queries.
Over to You
These were the highest 5 programming forums to unravel your coding related queries. Before you check in on anybody of them confine mind that each forum has its own policies and if your question doesn’t comply on them probably you are going out.
And while asking questions please try to be a bit generous because all of us geeks and coders hate to be treated for-granted 😀



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